When was the last time you were really proud of your achievements? It’s hard to remember mine, but I’ll always remember the day we won the Football Championship Cup at school. I was bursting with pride and grinning like a fool for weeks. There’s me, grinning in the photo, see. Days like that don’t come along often, but every once in a while, I remember what that day felt like.

I’m always critical of my work. Always aiming to be better, always wanting to know if I’ve done a good job for my clients. Feedback from clients isn’t only useful, it’s essential for the soul. Even that feedback which makes you adapt your work to better suit the client’s expectations – that’s great too. But the best feedback is when you’ve had a tough assignment and you’ve worked really hard to get it right, and your client feeds back to tell you that they love it. That’s the best feedback ever.

It happened to me today. The client emailed me and said “Tony, you are what I call a good listener!” and followed up with “This is very good indeed. The document is very much like what I had in my mind’s eye originally, and in some ways, it’s much better.”
In my experience, producing work that is as good as that which your client is imagining is as rare as unicorn tears, so it’s no wonder I’m pleased with his feedback.

Maybe I’m too old to be this giddy and chuffed. Maybe doing this job for nearly two decades means I’m too long in the tooth to be gushing about happy clients. Or, maybe, I’m supposed to be happy and excited by my work, and maybe I should be over the moon when clients tell me that I’m doing a good job.

I didn’t get a big shiny trophy today, (oh how I wish that I did!) but a nice email from a happy client can come really, really close.