Shut thatkid up

It might seem sensible to ask your in-house staff write the text for your new exhibition, and sometimes that’s the best option. However, there’s a strong case for using an external freelance writer with the right skills and experience to do the job. Here are four reasons why you might decide to hire a freelancer museum copywriter, instead of your in-house team.

1. You get the best stories: Museums and visitor attractions are steeped in history, reference material, precious objects and passionate experts. Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood from the trees, especially for those who have been immersed in the subject for some time. As a professional storyteller and writer, I can spot the stories that have ‘Wow!’ factor. I identify the stories that make your visitors stop and think, the stories that make your project unforgettable and the stories that make your stakeholders happy.

2. You get years of experience and expertise: Almost anyone can write, but good writing is a rare commodity. Punchy, compelling text that is easy to read requires a writer with skill and experience. Producing effective interpretation text for exhibits is a niche skill. Distilling information, sorting stories, writing great text, editing and proof-reading text takes time and requires expertise. From deciding the best word counts to layering information for different visitor types, I know the best way to deliver your stories. I have a great track record featuring award-winning attractions, critically acclaimed museum interpretation and very happy clients.

3. You save time and money. Hitting deadlines and managing budgets is vital in every exhibition project. Interpretation text is usually one of the last stages of any project, and at this stage, delays can be costly and massively inconvenient. If you want to ensure that your text is produced efficiently and with fewer edits and rewrites, you’ll need an experienced specialist writer. I will produce the panels your attraction deserves, on time and with fewer edits, leaving in-house staff to get on with what they do best.

4. Your project deserves it. We all know that exhibition budgets will be stretched to the limits and savings must be made where possible. For most exhibitions, the cost of a specialist freelance writer will be a fraction of the total budget, but saving this relatively small amount of money is rarely expedient. Interpretation text is the visitor’s gateway to your exhibition. It the transaction point, where your story is told to your visitors. It is often the integral link that defines whether your content achieves its goals. Most would agree that getting it right is vitally important. When your exhibition opens, you’ll be glad you made the right choice.