When my first book sold well, I was very interested to find out what made it so popular. The feedback I received from readers persuaded me to say ‘yes’ when Bloomsbury Publishing asked me to write another.

The Liveaboard Guide was easy to read, easy to understand and laid out in such a way that it could be read out of sequence in small, bite-sized chunks. I set about writing The Narrowboat Guide using the same parameters. Although the subject matter was far larger and required much more research and input from contributors, it was just as fun to write.

The UK has over 1000 miles of navigable canals and rivers which are home to an estimated 40,000 boats. To the untrained eye canal boats can all look much the same, but there are some very important distinctions and a new buyer has some important choices to make. This book discusses those choices, taking into consideration the various boating profiles. From those choosing to live on board permanently, to constant cruisers, weekend boaters and fair-weather cruisers, each will require a different type of boat if they are to fully enjoy their vessel.

The book discusses:

  • finding and buying a boat
  • the legalities of purchase
  • the different features and utilities
  • finding a mooring
  • boating health and safety
  • the cost of boating
  • boat maintenance
  • boating etiquette
  • and many other frequently asked questions

As someone who has enjoyed boating on the inland waterways for over a decade, I wish this book had been available when was planning my first boat purchase.

The Narrowboat Guide – by Tony Jones
A complete guide to choosing, designing and maintaining a narrowboat
Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN – 10: 1408188023
ISBN – 13: 978-1408188026