Museum guidebooks are a great way to provide more information about your site, its artefacts and its history, but it is still important to consider the intended audience. Unfortunately, some museum guidebook writers forget that their potential and intended readership is larger than the handful of people they might consider their peers. Great guidebooks are interesting, informative and easy to read. The guidebook we produced for Cardigan Castle is all of these.

We approached this guidebook project from a different angle. Instead of writing in the usual, chronological and data-heavy style, we decided to feature only the best Cardigan Castle’s stories as concise, standalone tales. Each story occupies a double-page spread and is supported by an eye-catching image.

This is a great way to present the castle’s history and heritage, providing historical facts and data woven into a story-telling style narrative. The gorgeous design work echoes the castle’s branding and logo and was produced by Vickie at V23 Graphics.