After writing museum panels and guide book for the London Museum of Water and Steam, 52 Oaks was asked to write interpretive copy for a selection of documents for the Museum’s education department.

In collaboration with infographic designer Lulu Pinney, we produced a set of documents that can be used by teachers and pupils to guide and interpret the museum’s major exhibits. I’m rather proud of how these documents have turned out, but more importantly, both the client and the end users are very pleased with them too.

Download the documents below and see for yourself:

LMWS pre-visit primary steam power
LMWS pre-visit primary thames to tap
LMWS pre-visit primary timeline
LMWS pupil engine trail
LMWS pupil splashzone
LMWS pupil waterworks
LMWS teachers James Watt
LMWS teachers Loco ride
LMWS teachers water filtration