As Northern Ireland’s only World Heritage Site the Giant’s Causeway is one of the Emerald Isle’s most popular visitor attractions – and it’s easy to see why. From fascinating geology and stunning coastline to legends of warring giants, the Causeway has a lot to offer. But do you know how the Giant’s Causeway was created? 

Visitor research had shown that not everyone understood the forces which had created the columns on the Causeway coast. Parents in particular were having a hard time explaining the Causeway to their children. No wonder people relied on stories about giants.

The National Trust and German audioguide production company Tonwelt asked us to help them to explain how the Giant’s Causeway was created. 52 Oaks wrote several interpretive audioguide scripts, explaining all about tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions and how cooling lava created the columns which made the Giant’s Causeway famous.

(Spoiler: But really, if we’re honest, we all know the causeway WAS built by the giant Finn McCool!)