Copywriting for catalogues isn’t easy, and there’s no getting away from the fact that product catalogues can be boring. With so much technical data and jargon they’re hardly interesting to read – right?

Not on my watch.

I unearthed this project from the archives recently. It reminded me about a promise I made to myself when I first began writing copy for marketing documents. I promised myself I would never write copy that was boring to read, no matter how much money the client was prepared to pay me.

This project for Komodo reptile products was a perfect example of putting that principle into practice. I approached every section of copy with the determination to make it worth reading. I looked at every draft and thought ‘why should the reader care about this?’

I asked ‘Does it matter?’

I asked ‘Is it interesting?’

I asked the copy ‘Why should the reader care?’

Using that principle I described each product in terms of what it could do for the client and why it was special or unique, while also punctuating the document with interesting, relevant and thought provoking stories associated with the topic. Inserting short, punchy stories which support the products helped to lighten the tone of the document. The client was a pleasure to work with too, allowing me the freedom to produce copy which would ultimately influence the design of the catalogue.

The result is a catalogue which demonstrates the passion, knowledge and expertise of the Komodo brand. It is true content marketing in its purest form. If you’re even slightly interested in reptiles you’ll hopefully find it a good read.  After all, it’s all about the story.

Did you know….

Crested Geckos were thought to be extinct until 1994, when breeder hobbyists rediscovered them on the islands of New Caledonia. Thanks to captive breeding the Crested Gecko is now the 4th most prolifically produced lizard in the world.