Tony with Narrowboar Guide Dec 2015

How thrilling can a narrowboat be?

I remember the thrill of seeing my name in print for the first time. It was in a small hobby specialist magazine, and I told a story about my behind the scenes visit to a Komodo Dragon breeding facility. Seeing the dragons up close was a thrilling experience, but the feeling didn’t come close to the thrill of seeing my name in print for the first time.

I’ve since made writing my career, and I still get a buzz each time one of my stories is printed – no more so than when my first book was published. Although I tried hard to contain my pride for fear of appearing boastful, having my name on the front of a book made me so happy I could burst.

This week, it happened again. My second book, The Narrowboat Guide was released on Thursday, with crisp new copies arriving on my doorstep a few days ago.  The thrill is no less exciting and a I’m grinning in a much similar fashion as when The Liveaboard Guide was published, four long years ago.

The feeling must be addictive because, despite knowing how much time, travel and hard work goes into writing a book, I’ve just agreed to write another for the same publisher. Watch this space (in 2018) for a similarly proud post, and thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for the thrills. Now I can give the Komodo Dragons a wide berth, thank you very much.


NB Guide cover image