London Museum of Water & Steam | Brentford | Middlesex

Sometimes, its the small things that matter. This project didn’t do much to top up my bank balance, but it rates among my favourite projects of this year. Why? Because it is a project for a client I have worked with several times over the last couple of years, and the fact that they keep coming back to me with new work pleases me immensely.

I provided the interpretive copy for this museum interpretation panel for the London Museum of Water and Steam in Brentford, West London. If you haven’t already been, I’d highly recommend it. The museum tells a fascinating story about London’s water and sewage network. The museum’s star attractions are their collection of Victorian steam engines, some of which are three storeys tall.  You can see more of the work I did for them here.

Only clients who were pleased with your work will come back to you in the future with new projects that need your input. When a client needs a solution for a tricky project and they call on me to help them, it’s really satisfying to know that they value my work and trust me to deliver.

This panel was produced with the help of Vickie Hunter at V23 Graphics, who provided the invaluable design and printing expertise.