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It’s all about the story

When I was ten, my schoolteacher told me a story about an ancient tribe in Africa. He told me about one of the most important people in the tribe – the storyteller.

The storyteller didn’t have to hunt or tend crops. He didn’t have to work or cook or clean. He was given the best seat around the fire and given all the wine and food he wanted. His only job was to tell stories around the fire each night. But if someone fell asleep while he was telling a story, the storyteller would be killed.

I knew then that I wanted to be a storyteller.

I’ve been a writer for almost 20 years and I still have to clean and cook, but at least none of my clients have killed me yet.


What we do

We write copy that is interesting, engaging, easy to read and does the job you intend it to do. Whether you’re producing a museum panel, a marketing brochure, a magazine feature or a website, you’ll need to find the right words to tell your story. Words are the transaction point, where your message is conveyed to your readers, your visitors and your customers. It’s vitally important to get it right.

If you need to distill a lot of information to create an engaging, punchy, easy to read document, then we’d love to hear from you. We can help you to produce copy from scratch, or we can review text you have produced to make it more effective and interpretation friendly. Every great document deserves great text. We can make it happen.


Tony Jones – Owner

Tony is a freelance content developer and interpretation text writer.

Working with some of the world’s top exhibition design companies, Tony writes stories for museums and galleries worldwide. He also writes for publishers such as Bloomsbury, BBC Magazines and The Spectator Magazine. He’s also written two books about boating on Britain’s canals and rivers.

Sometimes he lives and works in England from his office aboard his narrow boat ‘The Watchman’. Sometimes he lives and works in the USA from his office in North Carolina. His dog, Puck, misses him when he’s gone.